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CEO of Change Vision, Inc., an ISV of Astah, an Agile modeling tool, based in Tokyo Japan. Recent articles includes "Kanban Applied to Software Development: from Agile to Lean". Co-translated several Agile books into Japanese including: "Lean Software Development," "XP Installed", "Agile Project Management." 2008 Gordon Pask Award recipient for contributions to Agile practice.

Interview with Sandy Friedenthal, Father of SysML – Why do MBSE ?

I had this great opportunity to do a short interview with Sandy Friedenthal, who is an independent consultant in MBSE(Model-based Systems Engineering), and I would call him Father of SysML :) He previously worked at Lockheed Martin, a large aerospace … Continue reading

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How to make it better ? – Extracting implicit knowledge in Origami (paper folding) via GSN

Do you know Origami? The wikipedia entry “origami” says: Origami (折り紙, from ori meaning “folding”, and kami meaning “paper” (kami changes to gami due to rendaku) is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, which started in the 17th century … Continue reading

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What is GSN and What it’s for?

GSN stands for “Goal Structuring Notation” and it visualizes an argument structure that supports a claim to be true. In the industry in which safety assurance is critical, standards such as ISO61508(general), ISO26262(automotive), DO-178B(airplane), etc require documentation of “Safety Cases”, and … Continue reading

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Thank you AgileRoots 2014

I attended Agile Roots 2014 in Salt Lake City held on June 19-20, which turned out to be a wonderful as well as very special conference to me. I was so humbled to be able to do the keynote there to … Continue reading

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Kenji Keynotes at AgileRoots

On June 19 in Salt Lake City, I’ll take part in Agile Roots 2014 and it is quite a honor for me to do the opening keynote. I was asked to come by Kay Johansen (@utahkay), who has been a … Continue reading

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New Year Resolution and Japanese Calligraphy

On Jan.6, we held a small party as a start of the year 2014 at Change Vision, Fukui office. Doing Calligraphy for new year resolution is our tradition. Do you want to know what each piece means? “喜” — Joy … Continue reading

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Change Vision Visited Oracle

Yesterday (Jan.21,2014) I visited Oracle at CVC (Customer Visit Center) to learn the future of JavaFX. We have been developing Astah as a desktop application of Swing for the past 10+ years. Now we have a good customer base in Japan, Brazil, … Continue reading

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